Dog Travels 15 Blocks Alone to Reunite with Owner at Hospital

The bond between dogs and their owners can be so strong that not even distance will separate the two, as is the case with the dog protagonist of this story, Sissy, who found her way alone to the hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where her owner was staying.

Dogs are truly wonderful and fascinating creatures. They have an extremely powerful sense of smell that has earned them crucially important jobs such as cadaver searching, bomb sniffing and—more recently—even jobs sniffing out cancer. We have all heard the stories of a dog running away and crossing cities or states to be reunited with the owners they love and to whom they’re eternally loyal. It is their senses of smell that guide them to find their loved ones from as close as the next room to as far as across the entire country.

Here is the story of Sissy, a miniature schnauzer who ran away from home to be with her owner Nancy Franck. Nancy Franck was recovering at Mercy Medical Center last year after a cancer-related surgery. Sissy, obviously missing her human parent terribly, got out of her house and walked 15 blocks (approximately two miles) to Mercy Medical Center to find Nancy.

A security guard was watching the security camera footage when he spotted Sissy sniffing around the hospital lobby. He used the info on her dog tag to call Dale, Nancy’s husband. The husband is convinced that Sissy would have found her way straight to Nancy’s room, had she been able to find the correct elevator corresponding to the wing Nancy was assigned to. Without a single doubt we can say that Sissy was seriously missing her human mom!

“She missed Mom. That’s all I can say, she missed Mom, and she knew to come and see Mom,” said Nancy’s daughter, Sarah.

Sissy was welcomed into the hospital, and Nancy was very happy to see her little baby girl.

“I don’t know how she found the right door or did any of that herself,” Nancy said. “That was great. Just being able to see her. That was perfect.”

According to Karen Vander Sanden, a spokeswoman for Mercy Medical Center, “It’s a delightful story that has really touched our hearts here at the hospital. We know the importance friends and families have on the healing process.”

Watch the video below to witness Sissy’s incredible adventure!