Dog That Went Missing Christmas Eve Found Dead With Bag Around Head

The beloved family pet of Anthony Taylor from Cherry Tree in Romiley, Stockport, UK, was found dead this week after going missing on Christmas Eve. It was discovered near Romiley Board Mill in the Romiley Canal, and the mystery has only begun given the condition in which the dog was found.


The 110-pound dog was found in the canal with a carrier bag around her head, and it was secured with curtain wire. A washing line was also attached to the dog’s collar. The animal’s legs were also bound, which were all indications the people who did this wanted to make sure the dog would not escape and/or live.

Anthony’s dog was a rare breed known as a Perro de Presa de Canario, and is an AKC (American Kennel Club) recognized breed. The dog’s name was Troya and was a family pet.

Why this dog was taken remains a mystery. The owner, Mr. Taylor, has stated that he has no known enemies. However, when the dog went missing back on December 24, 2015, he did say that his neighbor’s house had “strange paint markings,” which indicated the thieves may have planned the abduction. Apparently, Troya the Presa de Canario, was abducted during the night while the family was sleeping. The dog was in her kennel located behind the family home.


Mr. Taylor believes his dog must have been drugged in order for the thieves to be able to abduct the dog. Troya weighed approximately 110 pounds, and was purchase to be a guard dog, in addition to a family pet.

The theft of this dog made local and national news. Mr. Taylor spent over $2100 USD on Troya, and when she went missing he was offering a reward of just over $1400 USD, but no one came forward with the dog or any information.

The police and RSPCA officials were both present when the lifeless body of Troya was pulled from the canal. Both agencies are pleading with the public to come forward with any information regarding either the abduction or death of this rare breed of dog.

Mr. Taylor said, “To kill her like that. I don’t have any enemies. It’s just so senseless. I cried my eyes out after we found her, I couldn’t believe it.”

Animal welfare officer Steve Wickham said, “This is a very sad case and it is likely the dog suffered before she died. She was found floating in the river with a plastic bag over her head, string around her neck and with her legs tied together. We cannot say for certain how long she had been there for, and until a post-mortem examination has been carried out, we cannot say for certain how she died.”

The agency is requesting that anyone with information please contact the RSPCA at 0300 123 8018.