Dog Saved by Maintenance Man After Being Thrown into Trash Compactor


Last Saturday in Louisville, Kentucky, maintenance man, Troy Kennon, found something unusual in the trash compactor at the Veranda at Norton Commons apartments.

Kennon was in the midst of his daily work routine when he went to turn the trash compactor on and realized that there was a malfunction. The machine wasn’t turning on for some strange reason, and in order to further investigate, Kennon decided to look inside the trash and diagnose the problem.

Much to Kennon’s surprise, he noticed that there was a dog cage placed in the compactor, and at first he thought nothing of it because the cage appeared to be empty. It wasn’t until a dog’s face peered through an opening of the locked cage that Kennon realized that the malfunctioning trash compactor and his curiosity just saved this dog’s life.


Kennon was distraught, but after digging through the trash, he took the cage outside of the compactor and removed the rightfully terrified dog out of the cage. Luckily, he noticed that the dog had no extreme harm or damage, but just a few cuts and scrapes.

Kennon had been working as a maintenance man for this apartment complex for a while and has seen all of the tenants’ pets before, so he knew that the dog wasn’t owned by any of them. He called the police department straight after, and explained the situation to authorities.

Kennon contacted Paul Franklin, who lives near by Norton Commons, and he rushed over right after he heard what happened.

“We’ve gotta find out whose dog this is. Because the dog deserves justice,” Franklin told WDRB News .


Franklin took some pictures of the dog and posted them as a plea to find out who the owners are and who is responsible for this cruelty.

“It went viral, it went crazy. Really couldn’t be happier with the results and the outcry of people trying to help this dog,” Franklin said.

Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS) were contacted in order to further delve into the investigation. Leslie Hawk of LMAS told WDRB News, “It just saddens me what we do to our animals, how we mistreat them sometimes”.

The dog is described as a Jack Russell or a Terrier-Beagle mix between one and three-years-old.

While investigating the situation, LMAS noticed that the dog was very well fed, and not at all malnourished. However, the dog did not have a microchip, nor any identification tags.


Although the investigation to find the perpetrator is still ongoing, one thing is certain: the dog didn’t put itself in the cage on its own.

It is unknown whether the owners put the dog in there or if someone else did, but LMAS finds it perplexing that a dog that appears to have been taken care of and in great health condition would be placed in the trash compactor by its owners.

Whatever the reasoning was behind this awful event, Hawk of LMAS said, “If someone doesn’t want their dog all they have to do is bring it to us. We’ll find it a home or a rescue—that’s what we do”.

LMAS is working alongside the police department in order to find any helpful tips about the event that occurred. They are also hoping that if the owners played no part in this event, that they will find them and return their adorable dog back to them.

LMAS also gave the public an update about the dog’s current state.

“The dog is in very good spirits and is happy to be out of the trash compactor and getting lots of loving,” Hawk told WDRB News.

Despite the traumatic event that occurred last week, there is a silver lining: this dog will have absolutely no trouble finding a loving home.