Dog Rescues Her Puppies from Drowning in Israel

This puppy rescue is one for the books!

It was the kind of story no animal lover – or parent, for that matter – would ever want to see: puppies drowning while their mother looked on. And yet, that’s exactly what happened for a mother dog and her pups as shown in this viral video shared by an Israeli animal shelter. In the startling video, twelve puppies are trapped and drowning with their terrified mother coming to their aid. It’s a scene where no one can look away.

A Frantic Mother’s Rescue Caught on Tape

The Full Story

Israeli soldiers were working on a base and fed a stray dog, the mother in the video above. It wasn’t long before the mother gave birth. However, it wasn’t until mere moments before this video took place that the soldiers realized where: underneath one of the buildings on their base, which, due to inclement weather and flooding, now was incredibly dangerous. All they could hear was the tiny yips of the trapped puppies below. As you can see, the twelve puppies were trapped and the opening – the only way in or out – was too small for a human to fit through to reach the pups. This left their mother as their only possible option for survival amid the rising water. It truly was a mother’s love that made the daring rescue even possible. She charges into the chaos, nimbly cutting through the small opening, and thanks to her work alongside the Israeli soldiers, seven of the twelve pups were rescued. Yes, unfortunately, five were lost in the fray.

A Mother’s Love

The translated video has been shared around the world, and the story of the brave mother and her pups has traveled far and wide. The surviving puppies are recovering from the most stressful event of their lives. Still, they remain waiting to be adopted after this, their terrible, yet incredible survival story.

It’s amazing, incredible, and proof that no matter what: a mother’s love cannot be stopped.