Blacktip Reef Shark Found Near Death In Florida Swiming Pool

Would you know what to do if you saw a shark in your pool? Nicole Bonk had no idea that was what would be facing her late at night while visiting friends at Floridian condo Mariner’s Cay. It’s a wild tale you’d never believe if it wasn’t being told everywhere – and we’ve got the 4-1-1.

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Pool Shark

Nicole Bonk was visiting her friends at Floridian condominium Mariner’s Cay late at night, around 11pm, when she saw two kids dump a five foot long shark into the building’s pool. She later described the events to authorities.

“These two kids, they came back from fishing and threw this half-dead creature into the pool as a prank,” she said. “They left the shark in the pool to die. I think they’re terrible children because it’s animal cruelty.”

Bonk, recognizing that the chlorinated water would be toxic to the saltwater dweller, got her husband and sprang into action. The pair rushed the injured aquatic wildlife to the nearest saltwater body, the Intracoastal Waterway, and then held it by its tail to try and get it to release some of the chlorine ingested during its traumatic visit to the pool. Though the shark swam away, Bonk doesn’t believe it would have been physically possible for the shark to have survived the whole ordeal. She said only:

“We did our best to try to save this creature.”

She reported it to the proper authorities – in this case, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission – but since it was late at night, no officers responded until the following morning. They are still on the lookout for the two boys responsible.

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Blacktip Reef Shark

The shark itself was a black tip reef shark, common to the nearby ocean and are known to grow up to six feet long, though this particular shark was reportedly only 5 feet. Though it is not endangered by any means, the pair responsible for harming the animal some say could be charged with counts of animal cruelty.

Not The Only Pool Shark

This isn’t the first time sharks have shown up in pools and likewise been rescued. In 2014, a baby whale shark cutely nicknamed Nooma was discovered in a pool in Maldives before she was captured. Once securely in hand by authorities, she quietly went through a rehabilitation process before being re-released into the wild.

Great White Shark Surprisingly Saved By Fishermen

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In fact, many sharks have actually been helped by humans – as in this, the case of one juvenile great white shark caught by fisherman. There’s a highly popular youtube video showing the process the fishermen went through to save the lives of one of the most notoriously deadly animals in the sea:

Meanwhile…In Australia…


Also in related news, on the other side of the world, another shark is making headlines and is even being called a “Jaws”-sized shark. A 23 foot long great white shark did not face the heroic rescue of Bonk and her husband – the Australian authorities are on high alert, even evacuating the beach out of fear of the predator.

Shark: Friend or Foe?


As you can see, there are many different ways to respond to these aquatic predators showing up in unexpected places. What do you think? Would you help out a shark in need or would you be one to evacuate the beach? Comment and share to let us know your thoughts.