Awesome Shrine Built on Behalf of A&M’s Cockroach: Rosie Roach

A&M University students at the Anthropology building taught us that spreading compassion can go a long way… Even for something as trivial as a cockroach.

Yes, you read that correctly. Most debatable for being an absolutely useless creature without serving any viable purpose in this world, this one cockroach at least served the purpose of entertainment.

Rosie Roach, the name given by the brilliant-mind that created the shrine, went out like no other cockroach in the world. Rosie Roach has received at least it’s “fifteen-minutes of fame” that everyone seeks, thanks to A&M professor that posted these pictures on Imgur.


The student’s would pass by this dead cockroach for at least two weeks, until someone decided to do something about it on December 3rd. Instead of just, you know, getting rid of it, they decided to build a little shrine out of respect for the little creature.


The next day, there were some more gifts to pay respects to the dead roach… Rosie Roach was after-all one of those friends you always wished you had. The kind of friend that was always just waiting for you. Done with class? Perfect, Rosie Roach is there for you, just like always. Patiently waiting.


As the day progressed, someone even printed out a picture of a fellow roach. You’re not alone, Rosie.


Even later on December 4th, coins, a band-aid, and flowers were placed near Rosie’s cold, dead, body.


On December 5th, the tributes were still there, and some more. “There is a candle now and a little coffin for the carcass… And for the record, I had nothing to do with the genesis of this memorial” said the professor on Imgur.


Clearly a coffin wasn’t enough, another person created a miniature pyre for Rosie Roach later that day. A foreshadowing of the roaches cremation to come.


On December 8th, spiritual candles were placed around the coffin. Some signs were also posted on the walls reading: “”Rosie the Roach will be with us until Tuesday, December 14th when a celebration of her life will be conducted. Food and drinks will be served in the main office during the afternoon.” and “You were always there to say hello to me in the morning, Rosie! We will miss you.” according to Imgur.


Days later, on December 16th, another note was left saying “Here lies Rosie, a free roach.” There was also different currencies left near the carcass, as well as a joint. Apparently, Rosie Roach was a hippie.


A wild hunch is that students were procrastinating on studying for finals… Either that, or Rosie Roach truly did leave an impact on several lives. Hopefully it’s the latter. Whatever the reason, it was time for Rosie Roach to go to Roach Heaven.


Rosie Roach’s cremation took place on December 17th. The Anthropology building will never be the same.

RIP Rosie Roach, you will be missed!