Aussies Witness Robbery, Steal Keys From Getaway Car


In a shockingly bizarre video that has surfaced and quickly gone viral, a pair of loitering Australian men happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Or is it the wrong place at the wrong time?

While sitting outside an Oporto convenience store late one night, these good citizens of Australia watched in amazement as two men driving a white sedan pulled into the parking lot, exited their vehicle, and broke into the store.

One of the Aussies, who seemed to be having some trouble with his flip-flop (and later, his shirt), is seen marching across the parking lot to investigate.

“They just f***ing robbed the joint,” the smartphone camera operator is heard saying as they approached the robbers’ vehicle.

After removing his shirt for some unknown reason, the single flip-flopped Aussie opens the car door, leans inside, and pulls the car key from the ignition.

“I’ve got the f***ing keys,” he states proudly, holding the keys in the air.


When his attention is drawn towards something inside the store, the man exclaims, “Call the cops! Call the cops!”

While the Aussie capturing the robbery unfolding approaches the doors to the convenience store, the shirtless (and fearless) Aussie confronts the escaping thieves as they hustle to their car – only to find the keys have gone missing.

When the shirtless, shoeless Aussie engages the thieves, they sprint from the scene. And as the video ends, one of the Aussies suggests chasing them down with their own getaway vehicle.