Anonymous Donor Generously Pays One-Year Rent for Homeless Family

The Holiday season generally plays a helpful role in reminding everyone the importance of being grateful for what they have in their lives. For the less fortunate, it sometimes evokes a variety of different, and not-so-pleasant, feelings. Regardless of the situation, giving is also in the air, and the more fortunate people sometimes take it upon themselves to help out.

This was no exception for this past Christmas when the Ellis family in Chicago received an unimaginably thoughtful gift from an anonymous donor.

LaToya Ellis is a single mother in Chicago that cares for her three children on her own– Burgundy, Gabrielle, and Tristian. This past October, LaToya was laid off from her job as a manager at the fast-food chain restaurant, Jimmy John’s. Consequently, she fell behind on rent and by the time August rolled around, LaToya was evicted from her apartment. Both unexpected events left her wondering how she was going to cope under these circumstances while trying to support herself and her family.

At first, she stayed with friends and family, but after a while of bouncing from a variety of places, she moved over to a homeless shelter; an ironic event given that she herself was an ambassador of homeless people aiming to alleviate their situation. The family were about a month away from having to move out of the shelter, and LaToya’s motto “look at the light at the end of the tunnel” was reiterated to her children.

She even created a “Go Fund Me” account in order to bring awareness to her situation and to ask for help.

Eight-year-old son, Tristian said “My head about to blow off!” when asked about if he was excited about their change in luck.

The entire situation revived LaToya’s ability to see the best in every situation, and allowed her to create new aspirations for her future. She told the ABC7 news that she will finally complete her bachelor’s degree and start saving money. Her ultimate goal is to start a catering business in the future.

The family stated “they are overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of strangers” according to ABC7 news and they want to give back to the homeless community, which tripled over the last decade to 13,000 homeless families. They want to do this by continuously advocating, donating, and volunteering to homeless shelters.

“I want to help with the homeless since I know exactly how it feels to go through that certain situation,” Daughter, Gabrielle Ellis, said.

The Ellis family ensures the act of kindness they received from absolute strangers is graciously given back to others.